Divorce Issues In Wisconsin

A divorce is never easy. It is often emotional, and legal issues can be confusing and overwhelming. You will be faced withFroelich Law Offices decisions involving your real estate, investments, debts, personal property, taxes, retirement accounts and the prospect of spousal support. These issues are interrelated and complex and it is critical that the calculations are done correctly, as courts rarely permit changes to property division issues after the final settlement is ordered.

Our Experience Can Help You Reach Your Goals

The goal of a divorce is to improve your life. You wouldn't go through the complex legal process if all was well with your marriage. But first you must get through that process. You may be tempted to try to do it yourself to save money. Ironically, this often ends up costing much more, as you then have to hire an attorney to resolve problems or mistakes that occurred.

Our attorney has decades of experience working with couples divorcing in Wisconsin. We have seen hundreds of cases and that experience means we can analyze your facts and help you complete your divorce efficiently and effectively.

You've Got Issues, We've Got Answers

You are probably wondering if you will be entitled to receive or be obligated to pay alimony or spousal maintenance, as it is known in Wisconsin. This is a very involved calculation, with many elements that must be considered, but our attorney can help you understand the process and help determine what the likely outcome might be. Child custody is also an often contentious issue and we provide experienced counsel for these sensitive matters.

Other complex issues relate to property division. While Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you do not have to  allege wrongful behavior, it is a maritial property state. This means that property acquired during the term of the marriage, including retirement assets, are to be divided equally. We can explain how this is likely to work for your situation.

Property division must be done correctly, as it is very difficult and expensive to reopen a case to change a property settlement. Our experience can help ensure that you do it right the first time.

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A divorce is something you want to resolve and move beyond. Our lawyer has 28 years of divorce experience and we can help you understand your options, potential outcomes, and help you move on with your life. Call our Green Bay office today at 920-430-0365 or use our online form to tell us about your case.