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Skilled Legal Representation For Your High-Asset Divorce

A divorce is hard enough without having to determine the future of your significant assets. When you own property and titles of high value, you want to make sure that nothing is unnecessarily lost in the process, especially if your divorce is contested. You need a skilled divorce litigator who knows how to handle significant financial assets and who will keep your best interests in mind throughout the case.

At Froelich Law Offices, you will find the effective divorce representation you are looking for. For over 28 years, our attorney, Christopher T. Froelich, has been managing complex divorce cases for clients all over Green Bay and around Wisconsin. He knows that your situation is unique, and he will tailor his approach to protect your individual financial future. To discuss your concerns with him, call our office to schedule a consultation.

Prepared For Any Possible Dispute

When going through a high-asset divorce, it is important to be aware of all the assets you own before engaging in property division. All your financial investments will be considered in the divorce, including:

  • Multiple properties, such as homes, cabins, rental properties
  • Maintenance
  • Dividing a business
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pension and other benefits
  • Stocks and investments

We will work with financial planners, such as an accountant, to help determine the value of your assets in relation to your income, as well as that of your ex-spouse's.

No matter how complex the dispute you are facing is, we will represent the facts accurately, ensuring that you do not succumb to unreasonable demands from your ex-spouse. When you put your high-asset divorce in our hands, we will handle your case with great care and meticulous work.

Discuss Your Needs With A Lawyer

Each high-asset divorce case is unique, and we are prepared to tailor our approach to prioritize your concerns. To discuss your situation with attorney Christopher Froelich in a confidential setting, schedule a consultation by calling our office at 920-430-0365 or by emailing us.

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