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Legal Representation After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Although tripping or falling may seem like a common, ignorable occurrence, it can result in serious injuries with lasting repercussions. If you have been injured by a fall, it could have been due to someone's negligence, in which case you may be entitled to a compensation. To determine liability in your slip-and-fall accident, you need the skill of a reliable personal injury lawyer.

From Froelich Law Offices in Green Bay, attorney Chris Froelich has been helping personal injury clients in Wisconsin in the aftermath of various accidents, including slip-and-fall accidents, for more than 28 years. He will help you identify who you can hold liable for your injuries and will help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Prepared For Any Case Of Slip And Fall

There are many possible causes for slip-and-fall accidents, including:

  • Slipping on ice on someone's property
  • Slipping on a liquid spill in a grocery or retail store
  • Falling after holding onto broken handrails
  • Falling off of broken steps or cracked decks
  • Tripping over cracked concrete
  • Tripping over uneven carpet

In each of these examples, there is a party who is responsible for preventing such accidents from happening. When a spill happens in a grocery store, the employees are responsible for cleaning the mess up as soon as possible so that customers like you do not get hurt while shopping. If you have tripped over cracked concrete on the sidewalk, it could be that the city government has overlooked a hazardous pothole or a serious need for road maintenance.

Regardless of how you slipped or fell, you have a right to be protected from negligence that can cost you your safety. If you have suffered serious injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma, you should not have to pay the resulting medical bills on your own. Our team at Froelich Law Offices is prepared to face the responsible insurance companies and involved parties on your behalf, and we will represent your accident with detail and accuracy so that you are rightfully compensated.

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