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How to react if you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI

Police throughout the state of Wisconsin are on the lookout for drunk drivers. If you drink and drive, there's a good chance a police officer will spot you, pull you over and attempt to determine if you're under the influence of alcohol.

Here are some key steps to take if you're pulled over for suspicion of DUI:

  • Stay in your car. Getting out of your vehicle is one sign that you're under the influence, especially if you're slurring your speech and unable to stand up.
  • Remain polite. This alone is not typically enough to avoid an arrest, but it definitely helps. Misbehaving, cursing or acting disrespectful in any way will raise suspicions. It can also lead to additional criminal charges.
  • Don't incriminate yourself. Be careful about everything you say, as the information you provide can be used against you at a later date. You can invoke your Fifth Amendment rights if you don't want to answer a question.
  • Remain calm. This is important, especially if you're put under arrest. Cooperate with the officer, take mental notes regarding what is happening and do whatever it takes to secure your release from jail as quickly as possible.

Avoid these 3 car insurance claim mistakes

If you're injured in a car accident, the first thing you should think about is your health and well-being. This typically means calling 911, administering first aid and receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Once you're able to do so, it's time to file a claim with your insurance company. While your agent is available to assist, don't assume that this person is on your side.

Don’t expect divorce to solve all your problems

There is no denying the many benefits of divorce. For example, the process will help you reach a resolution in regards to property and debt division, child support, child custody and alimony.

Even if you're 100 percent sure that divorce is the answer to your marital problems, there are some things it can't do for you:

  • Guarantee your happiness: Getting a divorce may remove you from a bad relationship, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll be happy right away. It often takes several months or longer to start feeling like yourself again.
  • Ensure civil relations in the future: This may not be a big deal if you don't have children together. However, if you have to co-parent with your ex-spouse, it's critical to do your best to remain civil at all times.
  • Maintain the same standard of living: Don't assume that your financial situation will remain the same after divorce. Things are likely to change now that you only have one income. Prepare yourself to change your standard of living post-divorce, as this will help you avoid surprises
  • Resolve emotional concerns: Your marriage and subsequent divorce may take an emotional toll on you. You may feel relieved once your marriage is in the past, but it's possible that you'll still be hanging onto some emotional issues.

Asking your spouse for a divorce? Tips to ease the tension

The thought of asking your spouse for a divorce is likely to upset you. However, if the time actually arrives to file the petition, you're likely to find yourself awash in variety of emotions ranging from sadness to anger and everything in between.

There's nothing you can do to eliminate the tension and pain associated with asking for a divorce, but there are steps you can take to make it a bit easier:

  • Prepare accordingly. What will you do if your spouse becomes angry and maybe even violent? If they begin to cry or make a loud scene? When you prepare for all possible situations, you'll know exactly how to react.
  • Don't change your mind. Depending on the situation, your spouse may ask you to reconsider. If you've already come to the conclusion that divorce is the answer, stick to your plan.
  • Don't discuss the details of your divorce. There will come a point in the future when you need to hash out agreements regarding property and debt division, child custody and support, alimony and other details. Don't discuss these shortly after asking for a divorce, as tensions will be likely running too high.

You don't need to be a dog whisperer to avoid getting bit

Do you know that most dogs do not want to bite you? With some notable exceptions, most dogs do all that they can to transmit that they want to be left alone before they bite.

Obviously, it's always better to avoid the trauma of a dog-bite injury. Everyone -- especially the parents of young children -- should learn how to recognize typical canine behavior signals, including when they may be about to attack.

3 ways to financially prepare for divorce

Once you decide to divorce, your emotions will be all over the place. While it's difficult to keep an even temperament during this time, it's a necessity if you want to manage the process in the best way possible.

Here are three steps you can take to financially prepare for divorce:

  • Collect all applicable documentation: This typically includes retirement account statements, bank account statements, investment account statements, life insurance policies, pay stubs and tax returns.
  • Set a budget for the future: Your financial situation is likely to change after divorce. For example, you no longer have your spouse's income to rely on. Setting a budget allows you to ensure that you make enough money to cover your necessities. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can adjust your budget to suit your new financial situation.
  • Make a list of your assets and debts: This should include both separate and community property. Furthermore, keep a close eye on any assets your soon to be ex-spouse is trying to hide.

Create a property division checklist in advance of your divorce

There may come a point when you realize that divorce is the only way to better your life. As disappointing as it may be, you can't let your guard down. It's critical to protect your legal rights every step of the way.

When it comes to property division, there's a good chance you and your soon to be ex-spouse won't see eye to eye. This is why it's critical to create a property division checklist in advance of your divorce proceedings.

Ruling may reduce applicability of the Armed Career Criminal Act

When a person is charged with a crime or crimes and they are sure they did not commit them in the way the prosecution argues, it may be tempting to represent one's own interests in court. But one of the best reasons to be sure an attorney is part of your criminal defense is an awareness of the legal landscape and how precedents can change the effects of laws.

  • How do legal precedents work in criminal courts?

When the law is unclear the particulars of a case, such as the way a suspect is supposed to have entered a premises illegally or how law enforcement officers gathered evidence, lawyers may argue the merits of a precedent to a judge. This provides context for how similar courts have dealt with similar problems.

  • What is an example of an important precedent?

Singer's divorce made easier by prenuptial agreement

Marriages are very important to people and their social circles in every society. Weddings in the spring and summer are a big part of life in Wisconsin. Although divorces are not as celebrated, they are also common and require just as much attention, if not more, to get it right for all the concerned parties.

The spouses are not the only people affected by divorce. The event can cause several problems between friends and within communities, but no one suffers more than children. Although kids have an amazing capacity to adapt to new situations, the uncertainty of divorce coupled with home life changes can be the source of lifelong trauma.

That youthful drug charge may haunt you for the rest of your life

During adolescence, teen years and young adulthood, the human brain is still developing. Because it has not finished forming, teenagers and even college-age adults may not have the same cognitive abilities as someone only a few years older than they are.

Young adults are notoriously bad at considering long-term risks for their decisions. That can mean engaging in dangerous or risky behavior. Most of the time, questionable decisions made in a moment of youthful frivolity will end up being nothing more than a ridiculous story your own children doubt happened when they grow up.

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