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Aggressive drivers often do these things that put you at risk

Driving in close proximity to an aggressive driver is extremely dangerous, as these people are unpredictable. One second they appear to be obeying the rules of the road, but the next they make a decision that puts everyone around them at risk.

Knowing how to spot and deal with an aggressive driver is critical, as this reduces the likelihood of an accident and subsequent injuries. Here are a few signs that point toward a person being entirely too aggressive:

  • They are weaving in and out of traffic with no regard to those around them
  • They are screaming at other drivers, often including yourself
  • They are visibly shaken when unable to do exactly what they want, such as the result of traffic slowing down in front of them
  • They use their horn for no good reason
  • They get out of their vehicle when traffic slows to confront other drivers

All these types of behavior are extremely dangerous, as one of these mistakes can cause an accident that involves one or more vehicles.

Here's what you need to do if you spot an aggressive driver:

  • Leave more space: When you back off, there's more space between your vehicles, which gives you additional time to react to an aggressive maneuver.
  • Don't engage: Don't look the person in the eyes, yell back at them or attempt to race. You're best off ignoring them altogether and getting as far away as possible, even if it means it slows you from reaching your destination.
  • Call 911: Forget about taking action yourself. Call 911 to explain where you are, what you're seeing and to provide a description of the vehicle. Local police can then visit the area to determine what to do next.

Even with the best intentions to avoid a run-in with an aggressive driver, you could find yourself right in the middle of the action when you least expect it. Should you be injured in an accident caused by this type of driver, move to safety and call 911. If this person was aggressive while driving, you can expect this to remain the same after a crash.

Once you receive treatment, you can contact your insurance agent, read the police report and decide if you're in position to make a personal injury claim.

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