3 signs of incompatibility in a marriage

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Rushing into marriage is a mistake that often ends in divorce. Individuals join in a union only to realize afterward that they are not compatible with each other.

Today lists it as one of the top reasons for ending a marriage, and it is often used as grounds for doing so when neither side is at fault. There are indicators of incompatibility individuals who suspect their relationship is suffering because of it need to watch out for.

1. Constant fighting

Partners who engage in arguments over every little thing, even consciously or unconsciously searching for reasons to spark a fight, may be incompatible. The inability to resolve conflicts peaceably without dirty tactics and manipulation is another sign. There are bound to be disputes in any relationship, but if they are a non-stop occurrence, then two people may simply be unable to cohabitate with each other due to a clash of personalities or values.

2. Lack of respect

Another indication that something is wrong between two significant others is a disregard for the other person. One or both spouses may neglect the needs of, talk down to, fail to show any consideration for, not value, disregard the emotions and opinions of or otherwise treat the other poorly.

3. Future goals that do not align

Part of marriage is pursuing mutual objectives and a future together. If two spouses are unable to agree on what the future looks like and want to go in opposite directions, this is a major red flag.

Incompatibility does not have to end in divorce. It is not a set thing. People may become incompatible over time and in the same way, through understanding, compromise and deliberate change, they may be able to overcome it.