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Client Reviews


I hired attorney Froelich for a fourth DUI. He filed a motion to dismiss and got my charge dismissed! He was a shark in court. Very satisfied with his performance. Thank you.

Anonymous (Five-star review)


I hired attorney Froelich to represent me on felony DUI charges. Attorney Froelich took my case to trial and got an acquittal for me after a jury trial. I was so happy with his expertise because he saved me from going to prison. I highly recommend him for any serious case. He is the best!

Anonymous (Five-star review)


Attorney Froelich helped me get a restraining order dismissed and worked hard to get my domestic violence charges dismissed. I was able to keep my job with the airlines and have no record because I had the best attorney in town who is skilled, savvy and knowledgeable about the law. I would recommend him when you need a lawyer.

Anonymous (Five-star review)

Amazing Attorney

I hired Chris to take on my husband’s case because they were trying to charge him with things that never happened. Chris got one charge dropped and the other two reduced and combined to only a month huber. Very attentive with keeping me in the loop even though he did not have to. I would hire Chris in a heartbeat in the future if I ever needed him.

Tasha (Five-star review)

Top Attorney

We hired attorney Froelich to represent our son on a serious heroin felony case. He was able to get the charges reduced to one count and sought treatment for his client. He was amazing and guided us to an awesome result with counseling, probation and no prison term. All other co-defendants got prison sentences. Attorney Froelich fought for justice and he got us an excellent result. He was always on top of the case with calls, client contact and he answered our questions. We recommend him highly for the tough criminal cases. You can count on him to get justice and the best result.

Anonymous (Five-star review)

Amazing Lawyer

Attorney Froelich assisted me in court on criminal charges. The state of Wisconsin was trying to pin a felony and misdemeanor on me, ultimately giving me three years and six months of prison time for a first-time offender. The police were harassing me and violating my rights. Attorney Froelich took my case and discontinued the harassment and ultimately got me a sweet DPA. The state had me dead to rights and could have given me the ultimate punishment but attorney Froelich believed in me and worked really hard to assist me in getting a second chance. Because of attorney Froelich, by the end of my DPA, I will have a sweet dismissal. Attorney Froelich is a magician. He makes things disappear.

Juan (Five-star review)

Very Caring And Effective Attorney! Great Experience.

Chris represented my juvenile son in a criminal damage case. In a matter of five days, he had the charges dropped. Even though he had a very short time to prep, he managed to understand the situation well enough to defend my son successfully. On a personal note, Chris was very kind and understanding to our family in the few conversations we had. I would certainly recommend him to my friends and family if the need were to arise.

Jesse (Five-star review)

Nice Job

Chris did a great job representing me in an OWI case. His experience and knowledge were vital in getting me a reduced sentence. It would have been impossible for someone to represent themselves and get reductions. I would recommend Chris highly. Thank you to Chris and his staff!

Jim (Five-star review)

Fantastic Lawyer

I was arrested for a hit-and-run with an injury (a felony), obstruction of an officer and bail jumping. I was facing a long time in jail/prison. No other lawyers would even hear my case because it was from three years ago. Christopher let me come in, made time, listened and helped me with this case. Not only did he do a fantastic job, he knew me during this case. At the end, I walked away with a few tickets. No jail, no prison, no probation. Miracle worker. If you ever need a lawyer, do not go anywhere else. I send all my friends to him. Really, anyone who asks anything to do with legal matters I send them his way.

Edward Peak (Five-star review)

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