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Protecting Your Rights When You Face Domestic Violence Charges

If a criminal arrest on felony charges of domestic violence, such as aggravated battery, has made your future uncertain, the Green Bay, Wisconsin, defense attorney who aggressively protects your rights, in and out of court, is Christopher T. Froelich of Froelich Law Offices.

Christopher T. Froelich is a lawyer with 28 years of experience in state and federal courts on behalf of a wide range of clients — and a reputation for results that speaks for itself.

Our law firm’s founder, Christopher T. Froelich, knows how to dig for the facts that led to your arrest for domestic violence. Our legal team also knows the challenges you face if convicted of domestic abuse, including harsh punishments of jail or prison, substantial fines, a criminal record as a felon, restrictions on child custody rights, curtailment of your right to own a firearm and negative impacts on immigration status.

You do not have to resign yourself to these worst-case scenarios. You are innocent until proven guilty and have interests that must be safeguarded. The staff at Froelich Law Offices offers sound guidance and solid support at every stage of the legal process.

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Christoper T. Froelich: Domestic Violence Attorney With 28 Years Of Experience

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