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Experienced Legal Defense Against All Types Of Drug Charges

If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, heroin delivery or trafficking in prescription drugs in Wisconsin, you need the skills and commitment of an experienced drug crimes attorney on your side.

Green Bay criminal defense lawyer Christopher T. Froelich has built a recognized track record of success for his clients during his 28 years of experience. He uses his extensive legal knowledge, skills at negotiating with prosecutors and attentive personal service to increase your chances of putting this crisis behind you.

Whether you are a business professional who has been implicated in a drug crime or a college student with out-of-state parents seeking local representation, Froelich Law Offices can help. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

28 Years Of Experience With Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights In Drug Crime Cases

Froelich Law Offices safeguards your interests in state and federal court if you face serious criminal charges of:

  • Conspiracy for manufacture and distribution of heroin or methamphetamine
  • Possession of marijuana or cocaine with intent to deliver
  • Drug trafficking, cultivation and importation
  • Distribution of illegally obtained prescription drugs and party drugs

Conviction for any of these crimes could mean a lengthy prison term, substantial fines, a criminal record as a felon, and strict parole or probation conditions upon your release.

You do not have to surrender to this bleak future without a fight. There may still be time to ensure that your rights are protected — but the choice of the correct attorney to represent you is essential. Christopher T. Froelich works hard to investigate circumstances of your arrest, examine them carefully for any sign of illegal search and seizure by police, and suppress evidence that could incriminate you.

Are your freedoms and future at risk in a drug crimes trial? Were you stopped in traffic by law enforcement and arrested for driving while drugged? Call our Green Bay criminal defense law firm today at 920-430-0365 or send an email message.