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Here To Tackle Your Federal Criminal Charges

While any criminal charge can cause you stress, a federal criminal charge can be especially frightening. You might be worried about appearing in federal court or even about the thought of going to federal prison. Cases can become complex, and the stakes are high. It is important that you reach out to a qualified criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle federal cases.

At Froelich Law Offices in Green Bay, we have over 28 years of criminal defense experience, and we have the necessary skills to represent you in federal court. Our attorney, Christopher Froelich, is one of the few lawyers in Wisconsin qualified to practice in federal court. He will help you determine your next steps strategically, while minimizing your stress in preparing for an appearance in court. If you are facing federal charges, call our office for a consultation today at 920-430-0365.

Have You Received A Target Letter?

Federal prosecutors often issue target letters to individuals they suspect are guilty of a federal crime. If you have received a federal target letter, it means you have been targeted for a federal investigation. As alarming as this can be, it is important that you do not destroy any evidence ahead of time, and it is especially important that you reach out to us as soon as possible. We can help you prepare for your investigation so that you do not make any decisions that could worsen the outcome.

We Have The Experience You Need

Froelich Law Offices is ready to take on a range of federal criminal charges, including:

While the possible penalties differ for each charge, being convicted of any federal crime will permanently tarnish your record and can affect your reputation even after being released from prison. If you are convicted of a sex crime, it is likely that you will have to register as a sex offender in any community in which you live.

You can rely on attorney Christopher Froelich to provide a detail-oriented approach to your case, as well as to put up an aggressive front for you in court. He will work hard to have your charges reduced as much as possible, if not dismissed.

Contact An Attorney Today

Even if you are still under investigation and have not yet been charged, it is important that you speak with us as soon as possible. To schedule a confidential consultation, call our office at 920-430-0365 or email our firm.