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Strong Advocacy For Those Who Face Sexual Assault Charges

A criminal conviction for sexual assault in Wisconsin could mean years behind bars, hefty fines and a record as a felon that follows you everywhere.

At this difficult time in your life, you need skilled defense representation on your side if you are to avoid these harsh punishments, including mandatory sex offender registration.

At Froelich Law Offices in Green Bay, experienced sexual assault attorney Christopher T. Froelich brings a 28-year track record of success to your side after an arrest for statutory rape, domestic violence or spousal abuse.

As your lawyer, Mr. Froelich uses his proven talents in investigation of criminal arrests, negotiation with prosecutors and litigation in state and federal court. In addition to these quality legal services, you receive maximum access to our firmwide knowledge of every phase of the criminal justice system, prompt answers to your questions and updates on the progress of your case.

Are you a college student at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay or St. Norbert College who has been arrested for a sex crime? Are you a family member accused of sexual assault, spousal abuse or child abuse in a domestic violence context? Christopher T. Froelich provides effective local representation that can set your mind at rest.

Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation and discuss your legal issues in detail and in confidence.

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