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Here To Walk You Through Post-Decree Modifications

While the court orders issued at the time of your divorce may have suited your needs very well at the time, it is possible that you may have experienced some significant life changes since then. If you or your ex-spouse is struggling to keep up with your existing divorce decree, you may be able to have your court orders modified. To do this, you need the help of an experienced divorce attorney who can walk you through the required legal process.

At Froelich Law Offices, we have the legal experience you need. From our office in Green Bay, our attorney, Christopher Froelich, has been representing divorce clients in Wisconsin for over 28 years. We know that circumstances can change at any time and that there are many reasons for an existing court order to become outdated. We will help you find grounds to support your request for a modification, and we will advocate for you in court.

Finding The Best Possible Solution For Your Circumstances

As long as there has been a significant change in your life, you may be entitled to a modification of orders. Certain circumstantial changes that would qualify your case include:

  • Relocation
    It could be that your ex-spouse has to relocate for work, to be with a dying family member or for a new marriage. When this affects any existing child custody and visitation orders, you may require a modification. It is important that your child continue to spend enough time with both parents.
  • Job loss
    If you or your ex-spouse has unexpectedly lost a job, the drop-in income may require you to reassign some of the financial responsibilities in your family. This may include matters of child support or spousal support (alimony).
  • A violated order
    Some court orders may have been violated. For example, if your ex-spouse was given a restraining order for being abusive, and he or she recently violated it, you can request that the court re-issue the order to ensure the safety of your kids as well as yourself.

Froelich Law Offices knows that each modification case comes with unique circumstances and motivations. No matter how complex your needs are, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the post-decree modification process.

Tell Us About Your Needs

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