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Breathalyzer Tests

Being pulled over for the simplest of traffic violations can be intimidating. But when you are stopped by law enforcement on suspicion of drunk driving, the results can be life-changing. The officer may ask you to perform certain field sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test. A failed breath test can provide the prosecution with the evidence they need, but it doesn’t mean that your case is over or that you should give up the fight.

A Failed Breathalyzer Test Is Not The End Of Your Case

A DUI conviction can affect your employment and reputation, along with substantial fines and potential for serving jail time. When facing such serious consequences, it’s important to partner with an attorney who uses decades of experience to your advantage. If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving or refusing a field or chemical test, contact Froelich Law Offices for help. We defend the rights of people throughout the Green Bay and Brown County area. Call us at 920-430-0365.

Do I Have To Take A Breath Test?

While a person can refuse to perform field tests and refuse to take a preliminary breath test, it is still possible to be arrested for an alcohol-related traffic offense such as OWI. Post-arrest, however, a driver must provide a blood, breath or urine sample based on Wisconsin’s implied consent law. Even though you are required to take this test after an arrest, it is crucial to work with an attorney. There are administrative penalties that a lawyer can help you fight in order to preserve your driver’s license.

At Froelich Law Offices, we use our 28 years of experience to ask the tough questions.

  • Did the officer follow proper procedures in administering the tests?
  • Is the PBT device properly calibrated?
  • Was there a reason to pull you over in the first place or probable cause for the arrest?
  • Does the police report reflect what really happened?

Working with an attorney promptly after an arrest for DWI is crucial to your defense. Waiting only helps the prosecution and can affect your ability to get your driver’s license back. Contact Froelich Law Offices in Green Bay for the knowledgeable and experienced representation you deserve at 920-430-0365.