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DUI Drugs

Were you arrested for driving while under the influence of prescription drugs in Wisconsin?

Are you facing serious charges of marijuana possession after being stopped in traffic by the police?

Mr. Froelich is an accomplished legal professional who digs deeply for the facts surrounding your arrest for drug-related impairment while driving. He uses these facts to negotiate skillfully with prosecutors, exposing flaws in the case against you and increasing your chances of having charges reduced or dismissed outright.

Christopher T. Froelich knows the role of “drug recognition experts” in DUI drugs cases, and how difficult it is to measure a driver’s inebriation when recreational or medicinal uses of drugs are involved. From your DMV administrative hearing to the outcome of your case, he is an aggressive advocate who knows how important your Wisconsin driver’s license is to you.

Act now to ensure that your rights are protected by contacting Froelich Law Offices to discuss your charges in confidence and learn more about our law firm’s track record of success in a broad range of DUI/OWI cases. Your initial consultation is free.

28 Years Of Experience, Track Record Of Success In DUI Drugs Criminal Cases

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