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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases often have two equally important aspects. First, there is the compensation element. You have been injured and you need compensation to pay for your medical bills, property damage, lost time from work and other incidental costs to you and your family.

Justice For Your Injuries

The second aspect is that of justice. In many cases involving a motor vehicle accident, you are an innocent victim. One second you are simply driving to work, school or some errand and the next second your world explodes and you come to your senses in a wrecked vehicle, ambulance or an emergency room bed.

In addition to the actual cost of the crash, you are struck by the overwhelming sense of how unfair this is — and you want to obtain some sense of justice from any legal proceedings.

More Than Two Decades Helping Injured Persons

Froelich Law Offices understands your feelings of unfairness and works aggressively to obtain justice and compensation for individuals injured by negligence of others in and around Green Bay. Our attorney knows that you may be struggling to obtain medical care or dealing with pain or other disabilities caused by the injury or accident, and he can help you with this process.

You may have been contacted by the insurance company or lawyers from the other side, making offers to settle. How do you know what you should accept? We can help. We have worked with numerous clients during the last 28 years, and we can help you get past the smoke and mirrors of blustering demands and inadequate settlement offers.

You Need An Attorney Protecting Your Interests

You need your own advocate, because insurance companies, even your own, are not your friend. They want to deny your claim altogether or force you to settle quickly and cheaply. Don’t do it. We investigate your claim, determine a level of compensation that covers your injuries and then aggressively work to obtain that compensation.

We have worked on many complex personal injury cases involving such varied circumstances as:

  • Car accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Truck accidents
  • Rear-end accidents

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Our lawyer has 28 years of experience helping those who have suffered a serious injury in Wisconsin and we can help you understand your options and potential outcomes. Call our office today at 920-430-0365 or use our online form to tell us about your accident and injury.